Friday, October 11, 2013

Where I Am

Not much of an update over here today--you all are probably aware the government is still shut down.  But I'm feeling extremely upbeat and excited about the wedding, wherever it ends up being.  It's two weeks from tomorrow! How did that happen?

You can find Daniel and me under a pile of wedding projects this evening, if you're looking for us.  Tomorrow evening, too.  But not tomorrow morning--tomorrow morning we're taking a little time for ourselves--we have 50 yard line tickets for the Razorback game! (Thanks to my boss and my birthday falling during football season!)  It's supposed to rain, but it'll still be a good time. :)

We finalized our song list a couple of nights ago--now we just need to collect all the songs.  Last night Daniel spent time with his boys, so I worked on my flower crown for the wedding.  I am so happy with how it turned out! Photos soon.

I feel pretty scatterbrained going into this weekend--so many little things to think about and get done.  So when I came across this little survey deal on a blog this morning, I figured I'd fill it out and try to organize my thoughts.

Making: Wedding things for days--Flower crown, chalkboards, programs, song lists, signs, gifts 

Cooking: Lots of gourmet grilled cheeses these days.  Try them with apples, pears, sweet onions, spinach and sprouts--sooo good!

Drinking: I'm on the PSL bandwagon this morning.  But it's from a little local coffee shop here in downtown Springdale--so much better than Starbucks!

Reading: James, The Castle, Bad Girls of the Bible, The Meaning of Marriage, and I don't even know how many blogs I follow these days

Wanting: Daniel. Hey, I'm about to be a married woman.

Looking: For ideas on Pinterest a little more than usual this week--trying to come up with decor ideas for our plan b if we end up there. 

Playing: With my pup every day at lunch.  I so look forward to opening my bedroom door and snuggling up to her for a few short minutes to break up my day.

Wasting: Time doing this survey, probably.  But I have a time-wasting phobia.  It's unhealthy and I need to learn to relax. So hooray survey!

Sewing: HAH. Closest I've done to sewing lately is sewing the fake flower wire through the already twisted fake flower wire on my flower crown last night.

Enjoying: The weather! Fall is my jam.

Liking: Hearing Daniel say, "We'll be married soon!"

Wondering: Where we'll get married, but not worrying.

Loving: The Lord for giving me such a sweet time in life--anticipating this wedding day and being married to Daniel is a crazy feeling!

Hoping: For pretty fall weather on our wedding day!

Marveling: At how clear the stars are when I run in the mornings.  It's making getting up and working out in the dark a heck of a lot easier.  Thanks, God.

Needing: To be more like Jesus.  Patience.

Smelling: Laundry detergent and Aveda shampoo.

Wearing: Boots and a sweater! And pants, but I was excited to talk about the fall things haha

Following:  “What is your life, you are but a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” --James 4:14.  Not worrying about my future, including where we'll have our wedding.

Noticing: How straight up wonderful people can be.  The willingness to help we've received during this whole mess has been incredible!

Knowing: Everything will be perfectly fine!

Thinking: Wedding, wedding, wedding, wedding, wedding, government shutdown, wedding, wedding.

Bookmarking: My page in the books I'm reading.  Also my page in my planner.

Opening: Mail--lingering RSVP cards and last minute packages of things we ordered for the big day.

Giggling: At the government. I mean for real--what grade are we in?

Feeling: So so so excited.  

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