Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bridesmaid Flower Hair Clip

Last night I worked on a number of wedding projects, including this little bridesmaid gift I've been hoping I'd get around to.  Someone commented on my post earlier in the week wanting to know how I made my flower crown, so I took a few photos of this process because it was somewhat similar--minus the floral wire and plus a metal barrette.

It was a fun little way to spend an hour on a chilly Friday night, and I hope they like them! I'm not going to force them to wear them for the wedding--but they can take them for the days they just really feel like wearing flowers in their hair :)

We are ONE WEEK away, and to celebrate we spent the day at the Farmers Market, moving Daniel's stuff and eating lunch with my dad, and cleaning the house for the crazy wedding week ahead.  

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